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March 17 2015

Ronja is a free technology project for reliable optical data links with a current range of 1.4km and a communication speed of 10Mbps full duplex.

Applications of this wireless networking device include backbone of free, public, and community networks, individual and corporate Internet connectivity, and also home and building security. High reliability and availability linking is possible in combination with WiFi devices. The Twibright Ronja datalink can network neighbouring houses with cross-street ethernet access, solve the last mile problem for ISP’s, or provide a link layer for fast neighbourhood mesh networks.

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September 25 2014

OsciPrime is an open source meaurement hardware and Android oscillocope application. It can connect directly to an Android USB host.

Hardware Overview:
• 2x Analogue Input @ 8bit/6Msps
• 5 analogue gain levels
• 3.3 MHz - 8.0 MHz Bandwidth (gain dependant)
• 16 V Max Input Voltage
• 880 mW Power Consumption
• Designed for 10x Probes

Software Overview:
• Range +/- 1.5 V up to +/- 16 V
• 5 us/Div max - 1 ms/Div min
• 2 individual Channels
• V-Offset, Time-Offset, Calibration
• Trigger Falling/Rising Edge, CH1/CH2
• Measure: Voltage, Freq, Time
• Run/Stop data acquisition
• 30 fps rendering
• Processing 400'000 samples per second

hardware and software sources as well as the Android app can be found here.
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