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In their quest to democratize access to custom silicon, SiFive has announced the very first RISC-V-based Arduino just hours before the start of Maker Faire Bay Area 2017.

While details are a bit scarce at the moment, what we do know is that the aptly named “Arduino Cinque” features SiFive’s Freedom E310 SoC running at 320MHz along with an onboard ESP32 chip for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support.

“By partnering with a pioneer in open source hardware, SiFive can further advance the progress of open custom silicon among Makers, system designers and everyone else in between… We look forward to seeing the community’s reaction to the Arduino Cinque board, and believe that the Arduino concepts of openness and distribution mean that more people than ever will be exposed to RISC-V,” says Jack Kang, SiFive’s VP of Product & Business Development.
“Using an open source chip built on top of RISC-V is the natural evolution of open source hardware, and the Arduino Cinque has the ability to put powerful SiFive silicon into the hands of makers around the world,” adds Maker Media’s Dale Dougherty.

[not exactly hot news anymore, but Arduino annoncing a RISC-V board is just to cool to ignore.. i hope we hear more of this soon.]

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